Hi there! I am a collage artist and illustrator who works and lives in Memphis, Tennessee with my husband and two children.

I love old books, postcards, lost notes, and found bits of paper. I don't use color copies or digital enhancements of any sort. I am inspired by people and nature, but am particularly inspired by the place where people and nature meet and become entangled. That is the place I love to explore.

One way or another, everyday, I am knocked-down by nature.. the delicacy of it...the power, the beauty, the peculiarity. 

It does not disappoint. 
Every single time, nature wins. 
In my ongoing personal work, I celebrate nature, especially the duality of natural forms, like the strength and fragility of a mangled flock of birds, or the freakish elegance of a swarm of bugs.

Check the exhibition page to see where I am currently showing. And yes! I want to work with you! I am available for commissions and custom portraits. Just email me via the contact page.

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